Our Story

As lifelong runners we know that running is more than just physical exercise. Instead, running is a personal experience. We know that countless miles go unnoticed by the humans around us, but believe the audience of our environment is endlessly present.

Whether at a small town 5k or a big city marathon, we love coming together as a running community to celebrate the winding path that brought us to the starting line. All of those early morning runs, the assortment of aches and pains picked up along the way, the fartleks, hills, and intervals all culminate in a chance for weekend glory on the pavement. 

We at fero believe we should celebrate those painful, challenging, and raw moments along the way; those training tribulations uniquely give way to the rewarding and joyous moments that only runners know. 

All of us have our own unique running journey and we believe your running apparel should reflect that.

Family run since day one.